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BMP51 BMP53 Ultra Thin Polyester Laboratory Labels

BMP51 BMP53 Ultra Thin Polyester Laboratory Labels

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Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides.

  • B-492 labels can be applied to frozen surfaces, with a small overlap, including glass and polypropylene stored in liquid nitrogen
  • Matte white polyester material has a permanent acrylic adhesive and is thermal transfer printable
  • Good print smudge resistance, solvent resistance and high/low temperature performance of -320 to 212° F (-196 to 100° C)
  • All-in-one cartridge includes label supply and R6400 Series ribbon



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BMP51 BMP53 Ultra Thin Polyester Laboratory Labels

M-124-492 41.91 mm W x 12.70 mm H £51.03 (GBP)
M-78-492 48.26 mm W x 25.40 mm H £72.85 (GBP)
M-82-492 9.53 mm Dia £64.57 (GBP)
M-117-492 25.40 mm W x 12.70 mm H x 11.18 mm Dia £76.76 (GBP)
M-112-492 31.75 mm W x 9.53 mm H £61.21 (GBP)
M-95-492 41.28 mm W x 15.24 mm H x 9.53 mm Dia £55.51 (GBP)
M-131-492 12.70 mm W x 25.40 mm H £68.95 (GBP)
M-125-492 44.45 mm W x 25.40 mm H £58.63 (GBP)
M-156-492 25.40 mm W x 22.86 mm H £73.81 (GBP)
M-130-492 9.53 mm W x 20.96 mm H £64.09 (GBP)
M-83-492 12.70 mm Dia £63.65 (GBP)
M-155-492 31.75 mm W x 6.35 mm H £65.99 (GBP)