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Optimise Lockout/Tagout with shadowboards

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Lockout/Tagout reduces accidents during machine interventions. Make sure employees can easily access the tools they need to isolate machinery from its energy sources. Shadow boards can help to optimise workplace distribution of lockout devices, padlocks and procedures and to communicate procedures and ongoing work permits, maintenance projects or Lockout/Tagout isolations.


Lean Lockout/Tagout

Dedicated Lockout/Tagout shadow Boards drastically reduce the time needed to look for the right tools in the workplace. Well placed shadow boards can communicate work permits, maintenance projects or ongoing Lockout/Tagout isolations and display Lockout/Tagout devices and padlocks to make them clearly visible and easy to choose from for employees. In line with the principles of lean manufacturing, shadow boards can increase the efficient use of Lockout/Tagout solutions.


Customise without hassle

Brady enables customers to customise shadow boards or work control boards before ordering. No more drilling extra holes on-site or cutting out shadows for tools, just order what is needed. Let us know which lockout devices and how many document holders will be placed on the board, how big should the writing area be, and which materials should be used. Brady will send back a customised shadow board concept for approval.


Reduce accidents

Dedicated Lockout/Tagout Shadow Boards will increase the effectiveness of a Lockout/Tagout programme aimed at reducing accidents during machine interventions. When ongoing isolations, lockout devices and padlocks are visible and immediately available, employees have all the more reason to follow the lockout procedures and avoid accidents in the workplace.