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Wire and cable identification solutions

Ever lost time figuring out where each wire goes?

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Well identified wires, cables and components give professionals like you an immediate insight into how an installation works and how it is connected. This enables you to perform repairs, installation updates and upgrades faster, in a safer, more secure way and with a reduced risk of human error. There is a lot more to professional identification labels than meets the eye. Depending on

Importance of professional labelling

Ever lost time figuring out where each wire goes? 

Durable professional labels that remain legible and stay attached in harsh conditions are extremely important to keep power, network, voice and data cables and components organised and running effectively.

Professional identification on wires, cables and components enables you to:

  • immediately recognise what needs checking during troubleshooting
  • clearly mark parts for upcoming maintenance upgrades
  • trace history, lifespan and supplier
  • add safety warnings or precautions

Ask yourself how much time or money you lose while trying to trace an unidentified faulty cable, wire or component.

Ask yourself how fast pressure builds when machinery, production lines, servers and services are impacted.

This is when professional labelling pays off big time!

Quality ID solutions
Low quality labels

Expert Guidance on your Cable and Wire Identification Needs

Durasleeve Marker Insert

Avoid 10 time wasters in cable & component identification

Imagine important machinery, power or business systems are down because of one damaged cable hidden in a thick bundle.

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Identify any cable or component

With Brady’s Cable & Component Identification Labels, you can install faster, lower the risk of mistakes

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Request a sample

Request a free sample to test our safety and identification solutions in your specific working environment.

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Complete Solutions For Your Wire and Cable Identification Needs


Automated cable identification

Cable sleeves and wraparound labels can be applied up to 10 seconds faster with Brady's automated cable identification solutions.

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Complete panel identification

With professional labels and label printers, you can easily and quickly meet any customer identification requirements and provide immediate insight in the most complex panels.

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Increase data centre uptime

Our reliable labels are designed to identify all data centre cables, components and racks for more efficient troubleshooting.

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Reliable cable tags

Our non-adhesive cable tags are primarily used to identify thick cables and wire bundles.

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Data Integration

Print labels with the BMP51 and BMP61 using data from the Fluke LinkWare Live cloud.

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Quicksleeve sleeve application

Cable sleeves are a reliable and sturdy solution to identify cables. Applying a cable sleeve is not always easy.

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Brady offers a wide range of label, sleeve, tag and flag sizes and materials ideal for your wire, cable and panel marking applications.

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