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Workplace safety

Make your workplace compliant, safer and more efficient

Managing safety risks to prevent workplace accidents from happening is both a humane and an economically sound strategy to protect or even improve company profitability.
Every workplace accident generates cost, and potentially includes a severe human toll that impacts morale and productivity.

The cost of workplace accidents

Every accident can have a severe human cost, and almost always generates significant indirect costs.

These can include:

  • time lost by an injured employee
  • time lost by employees and supervisors attending the injured employee
  • clean up and start up of operations interrupted by the accident
  • time to hire or to retrain individuals to temporarily replace the injured employee
  • time and cost for repair or replacement of any damaged equipment or materials
  • cost of continuing all or part of the employee’s wages, in addition to compensation
  • reduced morale among employees, and perhaps lower efficiency
  • increased insurance rates
  • cost of administrative follow-up and paperwork

Investing in solutions to manage workplace safety risks enables companies to control these costs while protecting or even improving productivity and profitability.

Expert Guidance on your Workplace Safety Needs


Go For Zero

Brady proposes a number of safety identification solutions to help reduce workplace risks for some of the most frequently occurring accident categories.


Are your safety signs ISO 7010-compliant?

This ISO 7010 Safety Signs Guide Book offers options and tools to apply and even create safety signs on-site.

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Go for zero with Lockout/Tagout

Reduce accidents at work during machine interventions with Lockout/Tagout.

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Complete Solutions For Your Workplace Safety Needs


Easily create compliant, safe and efficient workplaces

Make your workplace compliant, safer and more efficient with durable pipe markers, safety signs, CLP-labels and area marking from Brady.

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50 lean visual pocket book

For improving productivity and safety in your lean facility.

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5S Plus Guide

Discover the advantages of visual workplace signage with our complete range of sign & label printers.

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Highly efficient equipment inspections

Increase inspection efficiency with Scafftag's reliable holders and inserts that can communicate the safety status of any type of equipment at the point of use.

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Floor marking for all traffic levels

We offer a complete range of reliable marking solutions for floors with light, medium and heavy traffic to increase workplace safety for pedestrians, while increasing vehicle efficiency.

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Safety identification solutions for food & beverage plants

With our industrial grade identification and safety solutions, food & beverage plants can prevent a great number of workplace accidents.

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Identify pipes in any facility anywhere with the durable indoor and outdoor pipe markers

Meet the Regulation Standards!

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Compass LOTO

Enable safer machine interventions

Brady offers a complete 4 in 1 solution for an optimal Lockout/Tagout implementation, even in multiple sites.

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Work faster with clear maintenance visuals

Get full production capacity back faster with clear visuals that increase maintenance efficiency.

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Shop for Lockout Tagout products

Lockout devices designed to keep employees safe.

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Shop for Safety Signs

Improve safety and compliance with visuals.

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