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B33 Series PermaSleeve HX Polyolefin Wire Marking Sleeves

B33 Series PermaSleeve HX Polyolefin Wire Marking Sleeves

from £169.30 (GBP) / 50 Sleeve(s) / Box

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from £169.30 (GBP) / 50 Sleeve(s) / Box

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Heat-Shrink PermaSleeve® HX Polyolefin (B-7642) Wire Marking Sleeves are 2:1 heat shrinkable, high-temperature rated, highly flame retardant and very flexible.

  • Supplied roll form in a flattened format on a carrier designed for use with computer driven printers
  • Meets SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 & 3, SAE-AS-81531, MIL-STD-2002
  • Tested per ASTM E162 and ASTM E662
  • Operating temperature of -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C)



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B33 Series PermaSleeve HX Polyolefin Wire Marking Sleeves

B33-187-2-7642 8.50 mm Single-sided Printable £374.85 (GBP)
B33D-1500-2-7642 61.80 mm Double-sided Printable £169.30 (GBP)
B33-1500-2-7642 61.80 mm Single-sided Printable £169.30 (GBP)
B33-1000-2-7642 42.16 mm Single-sided Printable £369.84 (GBP)
B33-500-2-7642 21.60 mm Single-sided Printable £346.74 (GBP)
B33-125-2-7642 6.00 mm Single-sided Printable £340.79 (GBP)
B33-750-2-7642 31.75 mm Single-sided Printable £254.27 (GBP)
B33D-1000-2-7642 42.16 mm Double-sided Printable £369.84 (GBP)
B33-94-2-7642 4.60 mm Single-sided Printable £227.35 (GBP)
B33D-94-2-7642 4.60 mm Double-sided Printable £227.35 (GBP)
B33-250-2-7642 11.15 mm Single-sided Printable £469.50 (GBP)
B33D-125-2-7642 6.00 mm Double-sided Printable £340.79 (GBP)
B33-375-2-7642 16.40 mm Single-sided Printable £350.24 (GBP)
B33D-250-2-7642 11.15 mm Double-sided Printable £469.50 (GBP)