Why do sorbents have different colors?

Take Note: Sorbents do not alter the characteristics of the (chemical) liquid absorbed! For your safety the SPC chemical sorbents are colored green. So always be careful when picking up a green sorbent.

Chemical resistance should not be confused with hazardous resistance. A flammable, toxic, explosive, or corrosive liquid does not become less hazardous when absorbed into the sorbent media.Only if vapors are suppressed will the risk of flammability be reduced; and while some sorbents may claim to do this, liability disclaimers still appear with these products.

Chemical Resistance and Inertness continue to be a priority. Users want to be safe with their Sorbent inventories. Whether it is an "aggressive" or "non-aggressive" liquid, the correct sorbent must be on hand. 100% polypropylene sorbents have the best chemical resistance (e.g., concentrated hydrofluoric acid, potassium hydroxide, gasoline, etc. can be absorbed).