High Performance Mats for high traffic area spill control

High Performance Barrier Backed Spill Mats

Barrier Backed Spill Mats
  • Enhance durability
  • Resist tearing in high traffic areas
  • Increase absorbency
  • Use non-skid technology
  • Greatly reduce slips and falls caused by spills
  • Are printed with a safety message

The High Performance Barrier Backed Spill Mats are available on 30 metre rolls, 76 or 38 cm wide and as separate 38x48 cm pads.

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Adhesive Spill Mats

Barrier Backed Spill Mats
  • Very flexible in use
  • Uses a specifically designed adhesive
  • Adheres to clean and soiled surfaces
  • Can easily be removed
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Can be reapplied, even after absorbing fluids

The Adhesive Spill Mats are available on 30 metre rolls, 76 or 38 cm wide.

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Both the
Barrier Backed and Adhesive Spill Mats are particularly useful in heavy industry, manufacturing, transportation or utilities facilities with significant foot traffic, numerous tool storage cages or areas with an increased risk for slips and falls.

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