LabelMark 6 - Features and Benefits


The standard edition is included with these printers kits: BMP41, BMP51, BMP53, BMP71, BBP11, BBP33 and contains the following list of features:

  • Improved User Interface: A sleek new user interface that replicates the style of Windows 8 making it integrate easily into your new PC.
  • Repeat Objects When Importing: Easily make copies of imported data just by defining how many copies you would like!
  • Vertical Text: Print your text in the vertical direction on your continuous tapes from within LabelMark.
  • New barcode typology: Creating of QR barcode type supported
  • Adjust Individual Variable Label Lengths: Need your label file to have different length labels but don’t want to create a new job to accomplish this? Adjust each individual label’s length in your file to your specifications.
  • Terminal Blocks App: An easier way to create labels for 110 Blocks! The app will walk you through the steps of choosing a blank part or a template to use for your label making.


The professional edition is available as a standalone product and contains all the new features listed for the Standard edition, plus the following:

  • Wire Harness App: Easily access this app from the main page and follow the step by step walkthrough to quickly create a new label from a blank part or a template of your choosing.
  • Control Panel App: Need labels for a control panel? No problem! Just follow along as the app guides you through simple steps to choose what you will use the label for, choosing from a blank part or a material, and then allowing for serialization data to easily be placed on the label.
  • Laboratory Labels App: A new app that will help you create labels that can be used in the laboratory with ease. Simply select what you want to use the label for and following along with the app as you choose either a blank part or a template to build your label from and then also have the option to add serialization to that label as well.
  • Advanced conversion and import of external data: Create labels from a simple .TXT file with an easy to use converter. The app walks you through all the steps for an easy conversion

*   LabelMark6 Software offers auto-updates. Users are notified of new patches, releases, parts database updates and templates via the auto update utility.
** De LabelMark add-in applicaties ondersteunen alleen 32-bit versies van Microsoft Office

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