Design any label with Brady Workstation apps

Brady Workstation offers professional, intuitive apps to design quality product and cable labels and safety signs. With Brady Workstation label design becomes easier, faster and quickly adaptable to new label norms thanks to centralised updates.

Select the apps you need

Brady Workstation apps

Brady Workstation offers practical label design (Desktop - Laptop Printing) for a wide range of professionals. Simply select the apps you need, download the 30-day trial and purchase when satisfied. Available product, cable, safety and facility identification apps enable you to:

  • design and edit custom labels and signs
  • design label templates and lock elements for consistency
  • create text-only cable labels
  • automate label creation
  • easily import data
  • easily set up complex label sequences
  • easily design CLP-chemical labels
  • print lockout procedures, tags and energy source labels
  • design safety and facility signs

Basic design functionalities (Brady Workstation + Basic Design Suite) are free of charge!

Mobile apps

Brady Workstation also includes apps to easily design or finalise a wide range of labels with any smartphone. Very practical to create a label on the spot when in the field. Discover the mobile apps!

Easily connect to your printer

Brady Workstation works seamlessly with a range of Brady desktop and portable printers. Simply connect a Brady printer to an internet connected computer to access and print your Brady Workstation label templates and functionalities. Brady's high-end label printers also offer bi-directional communication with Brady Workstation and will inform users if they have to switch label materials to print specific label designs.

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BWS lab suite

Quickly label lab samples

Quickly design both simple and complex laboratory sample labels that may include date, time, barcodes, serial numbers, pictograms and data from external databases.

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Label creation suites

Every Brady Workstation app can be downloaded, tested and purchased separately. Additionally, Brady Workstation also includes several label design suites that combine apps frequently used by specific professionals. Suites for wire identification, product identification, safety and facility identification, data automation and protected label templates are all available from Brady Workstation with considerable app bundle advantages.

Safety & Facility Identification Suite

Safety & Facility Identification Suite

Customise and create safety and facility signs and labels.

Product & Wire Identification Suite

Product & Wire Identification Suite

Easily and efficiently create labels for product and wire identification.

Product Identification Suite

Product Identification Suite

Simple and effective product identification labelling.

Wire Identification Suite

Wire Identification Suite

Easily create the wire and cable identification labels you need.

Print Partner Suite

Print Partner Suite

Quickly fill in label templates and import or serialise data to print your labels.

Automation Suite

Automation Suite

Start automating label creation and printing to save time and reduce errors.

Brady Workstation: Asset Tag Suite

Asset Tracking Suite

Easily create the asset tags or asset location labels you need.

BWS Scan & Print Suite

Scan and Print Suite

Create production label workflows that you can pair with a barcode scanning device and Brady printer.

Brady Workstation Lab Suite

Laboratory Identification Suite

Create labels for vials, tubes, slides and other laboratory samples or equipment.


Brady Workstation apps

Apps for product, cable & wire, and safety label & sign design

Design custom labels and signs, edit label templates and plug in extra tools to gain efficiency with high value, multifunctional apps.

Apps for product, and cable & wire label design

Quickly design text only label, automate label data imports, or switch from horizontal to vertical label data alignment with practical apps for product and cable label design.

Apps for safety label & sign design

Easily design safety signs, pipe markers, Lockout/Tagout procedures, arc flash labels and CLP-labels with intuitive apps for safety sign and label design.

System requirements: 1.5 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 2GB RAM minimum memory (4GB recommended), Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, disk space of 500 MB minimum plus 30 MB for each installed app, or 350 MB for each installed suite.

Design any label with the Brady Workstation apps and functionalities.

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