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Warning Signs

ISO W001

W001 - General warning sign

ISO W002

W002 - Explosive material

ISO W003

W003 - Radioactive material or ionizing radiation

ISO W004

W004 - Laser beam

ISO W005

W005 - Non-ionizing radiation

ISO W006

W006 - Magnetic field

ISO W007

W007 - Floor level obstacle

ISO W008

W008 - Drop (fall)

ISO W009

W009 - Biological hazard

ISO W010

W010 - Low temperature / freezing conditions

ISO W011

W011 - Slippery surface

ISO W012

W012 - Electricity

ISO W013

W013 - Guard dog

ISO W014

W014 - Fork lift trucks and other industrial vehicles

ISO W015

W015 - Overhead load

ISO W016

W016 - Toxic material

ISO W017

W017 - Hot surface

ISO W018

W018 - Automatic start-up

ISO W019

W019 - Crushing

ISO W020

W020 - Overhead obstacles

ISO W021

W021 - Risk of fire / Flammable materials

ISO W022

W022 - Sharp elements

ISO W023

W023 - Corrosive substance

ISO W024

W024 - Crushing of hands

ISO W025

W025 - Counter rotating rollers

ISO W026

W026 - Battery charging

ISO W027

W027 - Optical radiation

ISO W028

W028 - Oxidizing substance

ISO W029

W029 - Pressurised cylinder

ISO W030

W030 - Hand crushing between press brake tool

ISO W031

W031 - Hand crushing between press brake tool

ISO W032

W032 - Rapid movement of workpiece in press brake

ISO W033

W033 - Barbed wire

ISO W034

W034 - Bull

ISO W035

W035 - Falling objects

ISO W036

W036 - Fragile roof

ISO W037

W037 - Run over by remote operator controlled machine

ISO W038

W038 - Sudden loud noise


W039 - Falling ice


W040 - Roof avalance

W041 - Asphyxiating atmosphere

W041 - Asphyxiating atmosphere


W042 - Arc flash

5 categories of ISO 7010 safety signs