Prohibition Signs

ISO P001

P001 - General prohibition sign

ISO P002

P002 - No smoking

ISO P003

P003 - No open flame; Fire, open ignition source and smoking prohibited

ISO P004

P004 - No thoroughfare

ISO P005

P005 - Not drinking water

ISO P006

P006 - No access for fork lift trucks and other industrial vehicles

ISO P007

P007 - No access for people with active implanted cardiac devices

ISO P008

P008 - No metallic articles or watches

ISO P009

P009 - No climbing

ISO P010

P010 - Do not touch

ISO P011

P011 - Do not extinguish with water

ISO P012

P012 - No heavy load

ISO P013

P013 - No activated mobile phones

ISO P014

P014 - No access for persons with metallic implants

ISO P015

P015 - No reaching in

ISO P016

P016 - Do not spray with water

ISO P017

P017 - No pushing

ISO P018

P018 - No sitting

ISO P019

P019 - No stepping on surface

ISO P020

P020 - Do not use lift in the event of fire

ISO P021

P021 - No dogs

ISO P022

P022 - No eating or drinking

ISO P023

P023 - Do not obstruct

ISO P024

P024 - Do not walk or stand here

ISO P025

P025 - Do not use this incomplete scaffold

ISO P026

P026 - Do not use this device in a bathtub, shower or waterfilled reservoir

ISO P027

P027 - Do not use this lift for people

ISO P028

P028 - Do not wear gloves

ISO P029

P029 - No photography

ISO P030

P030 - Do not tie knots in rope

ISO P031

P031 - Do not alter the state of the switch

ISO P032

P032 - Do not use for face grinding

ISO P033

P033 - Do not use for wet grinding

ISO P034

P034 - Do not use with hand-held grinding machine

ISO P035

P035 - Do not wear metalstudded footwear

ISO P036

P036 - No children allowed

ISO P037

P037 - Do not leave the tow-track

ISO P038

P038 - Do not swing the chair

ISO P039

P039 - Hot works prohibited

P040 - Do not set off fireworks

P040 - Do not set off fireworks

P041 - No leaning

P041 - No leaning against

P042 - Not for pregnant women

P042 - Not for pregnant women


P043 - Not for people in the state of intoxication


P044 - Use of smart glasses prohibited


P046 - Do not stretch out of toboggan


P047 - Do not ram into toboggan

5 categories of ISO 7010 safety signs

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