New custom labels for the BBP33 Label Printer

With the addition of new, high performance label materials, you can identify even more with the BBP33 Label Printer!

BBP33: powerfully versatile!

The BBP33 Label Printer is fast, simple and powerfully versatile. Able to identify cables, printed circuit boards, laboratory samples and even facilities, the BBP33 Label Printer can print a quality identification solution for a great number of contexts. The BBP33 offers:

  • Automatic label setup without calibration
  • Fast and effortless material changeovers
  • An impressive material line up

BBP33 Label Printer

Print your company specific label!

With the BBP33 Label Printer, you can print company specific, unique labels customised to your specifications. Brady can offer custom, hassle free BBP33 cartridges with labels , tags, continuous tape, self-laminating labels or sleeves in a great number of:

  • label materials
  • label dimensions
  • label layouts
  • label colours

Finalising partially pre-printed label rolls with the BBP33 can ensure the use of company house styles, more colours, or compliance with specific standards and norms.

New, high performance label materials

A selection of high performance label materials has been added to the menu you can choose from to design your company specific, custom label for printing with the BBP33 Label Printer. New materials include, but are not limited to:

  • B-729 (UltraTemp Series) can withstand temperatures up to 260°C for 5 minutes along with powerful chemicals and cleaning processes used in PCB assembly, equipment and component manufacturing.
  • B-435 (MetaLabel Series) offers superior resistance to harsh chemicals and heavy abrasion. The label provides a metallic look and is ideal for high quality/density barcode labels, asset identification, serial and rating plates.
  • B-449 (CleanLift Series) offers good solvent and heat resistance and is ideal for identifying electronic and other components, work in process identification and general purpose applications. The label can be easily removed without leaving any residue, and without scraping.
  • B-7351 (Defender Series) offers superior chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance and is engineered to provide print on demand, irreversible, visible evidence of label tampering to protect against warranty fraud, product tampering, altering, misuse or asset theft.

Identify even more with the BBP33 Label Printer!

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