Print any product and cable label with the versatile BBP33

Fast supply changeover and waste-free setup, never-before-seen in a PC-based printer. Full ranges of facility, safety & lean/5S label materials, as well as, die-cut labels for Wire, Laboratory and Product Identification.

Automatic label setup with no calibration

The printer “reads” critical information from your cartridges and automatically sets up the correct label format in the printer or your Brady software.

  • No need to adjust the sensor or manually calibrate your labels.
  • No need to set the print speed or go through burn temp trials that result in errors or wasted labels.
  • No scrolling through lists searching for a label part
  • No need to set up label dimensions in software

Fast and effortless material changeovers

  • Foolproof “drop-in” ribbon and label cartridges
  • Drop in the cartridge, lock it and start typing – that’s all you need to do! (anyone can do it!)
  • No threading the ribbon around spools and printheads
  • Ink side of ribbon always faces the right way
  • Easy-to-handle cartridges that won’t roll away or get damaged

Impressive material line up

BBP33 has an impressive material line up and prints durable identification labels for cables, electronics, laboratory and facilities. The BBP33 label cartridge offer includes:

  • a wide range of high performance label materials
  • a variety of label sizes
  • different label colours

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Brady identifies and protects people, products and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety & facility identification, spill control, Lockout Tagout solutions and more. Brady helps you create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory standards. Our high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions

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