Safety Lock & Tag Carrier: easily carry Lockout/Tagout tools

Safety Lock - Tag Carrier

Keep Lockout/Tagout padlocks and tags close at hand for safer machine interventions!

Improve Lockout/Tagout efficiency

The Safety Lock & Tag Carrier can hold up to 12 safety padlocks and keys, as well as lockout hasps and procedure tags. It is available in 4 colours and offers a convenient and organised way to transport and store Lockout/Tagout tools, and to avoid misplacing locks and hasps. The Safety Lock & Tag Carrier also helps improve workplace safety by enabling co-workers to keep the necessary devices on hand to quickly isolate energy control points before servicing machinery.

Product Sheet: Safety Lock and Tag Carrier

Highly practical design

The Safety Lock & Tag Carrier has a unique and highly practical design. A single carrier can hold up to 12 padlocks and includes a key strap and a carabiner to carry keys and lockout hasps. 2 lock & tag carriers from Brady can easily be held back to back to quickly double the amount of locks that can be carried comfortably in one hand. The design also enables users to clip one or more carriers on their belt, or to mount them on a wall for lockout tool storage.

Safety Lock and Tag Carrier

Safety Lock & Tag Carrier kit

The Safety Lock & Tag Carrier is available as a separate product, or as part of a practical kit, including:

  • 1 Safety Lock & Tag Carrier
  • 2 safety hasps
  • 3 carabiners (2 small, 1 large)
  • 1 key strap
  • 12 padlocks

Padlocks are supplied as 6 red and 6 yellow keyed alike, or as 3 red, 3 yellow, 3 blue and 3 green keyed alike or as 12 red keyed different.

Keep Lockout/Tagout padlocks and tags close at hand for safer machine interventions.

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