Lock out circuit breakers from most manufacturers

Brady Lockout Tagout Catalogue

Circuit breakers are easily switched on and off which can cause problems for professionals carrying out an intervention. Shocks and extreme injury can be the results of prematurely reactivating a circuit. To avoid these accidents, and to enable safer machine interventions, Brady Corporation offers 2 circuit breaker lockout solutions that are easy to apply.

Easy to apply

The Universal Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout from Brady is easy to apply to a wide range of circuit breakers from various manufacturers. The small device is applied on a circuit breaker's switch and fastened using an attached screw that is easy to handle. Fastening the screw pushes out a hole for a Lockout/Tagout padlock shackle. Locking the padlock will lock the circuit breaker's switch in place to enable safer interventions.

Universal Circuit Breaker

Tested circuit breakers include:

  • Schneider IC60 series
  • Siemens 5SX21
  • Hager MFN716
  • ABB 2CDS25
  • ABB S202U-K50
Rotary Circuit Breaker

The Rotary Circuit Breaker Lockout is easy to apply on ABB rotary circuit breakers. Pushing the top will extend the device's pins to fit the holes above the circuit breaker's rotating switch. Releasing the top will fasten the device and clears the device's access point for a padlock shackle. Locking the padlock will lock the rotary circuit breaker in place to enable safer interventions.

Rotary circuit breaker lockout can be applied on:

  • ABB MS325
  • ABB 200 series (non-rotary)

Safer interventions

Rotary Circuit Breaker Universal Circuit Breaker

By locking out circuit breakers with a padlock, accidents can be avoided that are related to prematurely and inadvertently reactivated machinery and other electrical devices. Once the padlock is locked in place, only the professional who locked it, and who is carrying out the intervention, controls when the circuit breaker will be reactivated. As a back up, Brady can include master keys for managers and supervisors selected in a Lockout/Tagout padlock key plan.

Increased compliance

With a solution to lock out circuit breakers, you can increase compliance with the European Norm 1037 on equipment safety, and with the EU Guideline 89/655 that specifies minimum safety and health requirements at work.

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