Recommended: upgrade your BMP61 firmware

It is recommended to always have the latest firmware installed. Brady continuously improves products, adds features or removes known issues. Installing the latest firmware enables you to use your BMP61 Label Printer in the most optimal way.

Check your BMP61 firmware version

  • Power up your BMP61 Label Printer
  • Press and hold the FUNCTION + SETUP keys on your BMP61
  • Select the Config option and press ENTER or touch ‘Config’ on screen
  • The currently installed firmware version is shown in the lower left corner

Check your firmware version

Upgrade your BMP61 firmware

  • Download & extract the firmware zipfile

BMP61 Firmware Version

  • Start the installer by double clicking ‘BMP61_x_x_xxxxx_Upgrade folder’ and the ‘Setup.exe’ icon
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • When installation is complete, double-click the ‘BMP61 Update Utility’ icon
  • Connect your BMP61 Label Printer to your computer with the USB-cable and click ‘Upgrade BMP61’ to install the latest firmware

Instructions on how to upgrade your BMP61 Label Printer can also be found in the User Manual.


Don't forget to register your printer! After registering your BMP61 Label Printer, you will have access to Technical support, notifications of upgrades, special offers and product announcements!

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