Universal Sorbents

Use these all-purpose sorbents to clean up oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids anywhere in your facility. Around machinery, under leaky pipes or fittings, in messy traffic areas, for general maintenance projects - they are your first choice.

Universal Sorbent Drum Top Covers
Drum Top Covers
Drum Top Covers absorb a wide range of industrial liquids like water, coolants, solvents, oils,antifreeze, etc ... Create a clean and safe work floor by preventing pump drips from reaching the floor.
Universal Sorbents Pads
Universal sorbent and absorbent pads.
Universal Sorbents Pillows
Pillows absorb spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces and under persistent drip sources.
Universal Sorbents Rolls
Univeral Sorbent Rolls designed for high traffic areas and workstations where there’s a need for clean and safe work floors and walkways.
Universal Sorbents Socs
Confine & prevent hazardous spills from spreading.
Universal Sorbents Booms
Universal Sorbent Booms
Universal Sorbents Wipes
Universal Sorbent Wipes.
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