Spill Kits

A range of emergency response kits to handle any type of spill.

ADR Mobile Spill Kit
Mobile Spill Kits for fast spill response anywhere in the plant.
SPC Economy Spill Kit
Economy Spill Kit
Easy to put in small storage area, behind or under the seat of a truck. Ideal for carriers who occasionally transport small quantities of liquids.
Attack Pac Kit
Attack Pac
Single use kit: Ideal for small spills. UV resistant foil bag protects sorbents against moisture and dirt.
SPC Lab Pack
Lab Pack
  • Ideal for medium sized spills. 
  • Water and chemical resistant drum protects sorbents. 
  • Easy access to products thanks to screw top lid. 
  • Drum can be used as shipping container for used sorbents.
SPC Drum Spill Kit
Drum Spill Kits
Ideal for medium to large spills. Water and chemical resistant drum protects sorbents. Lever-lock lid for fast response.
360 Litre Overpack Drum Kit
360 Litre Overpack Drum
  • Ideal for larger spills. 
  • Water and chemical resistant drum protects sorbents. 
  • Moulded design allows for easy gripping and pick up by a forklift or trolley.
SPC Spill Kaddie
Spill Kaddie
  • Recommended for medium sized spills and maintenance jobs. 
  • Double doors provide easy access to products. 
  • Interior shelves and compartments keep sorbents organised. 
  • Cart protects sorbents against dirt, moisture and damage.
Mobile Container Kit
Mobile Container Kit
  • For medium sized spills. 
  • Weather-resistant polyethylene container protects sorbents against dirt, moisture & damage. 
  • Hinged lid provides easy access to the products. 
  • Wheels allow excellent mobility indoors and outdoors.
SPC Spill Truck
Spill Truck
  • Ideal for larger spills. 
  • Lid provides easy access to the products. 
  • Wheels allow excellent mobility indoors and outdoors. 
  • Weather and chemical resistant container protects sorbents from moisture, dirt and damage.
SPC Sorbent Centre
Sorbent Centre
The first modular and mobile storage cabinet designed specifically for sorbents!
OPA kits
OPA kits
All of our kits presented are compliant with the OPA90 regulations.
SPC Spill bins
Spill bins
These large and extra large bins are ideal for creating your own custom emergency response kits. Large enough to hold plenty of sorbents as well as any tools or minor equipment, these bins will help you be prepared for just about any spill.
SKH-MINI disposable spill kit
Re-form spill kit
SPC Spill box
Spill box
Pads in a convenient dispenser box allowing you to create multiple spill stations around your site!
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