Inspection Labels and Tags


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The identity, maintenance and inspection status of equipment is critical to safety in the workplace.

Inspection Labelling

Inspection LabelInspection LabelsInspection Labels

Inspection date labels can be used wherever a frequent and regular inspection of machinery and equipment is required. Simply mark the label with a hole punch and apply wherever you need it. Inspection labels are suitable for equipment or machinery where there is a flat surface available for attachment.

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Inspection Tagging

Unitag, Microtag and Nanotag are all designed to clearly display the Next Inspection Date Due / Next Test Date or Safe working load (SWL) at the point of use. Inspection Tagging is suitable for equipment where attachment to the equipment is more suited via cable tie or split ring. Typical applications include, Safety Harnesses and Lifting Equipment.

All the tags use a unique holder and insert system to ensure the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use. If the equipment passes inspection then the insert is placed in the holder, displaying the latest equipment information to any users. If equipment fails inspection at any point, then simply remove the insert from the holder to display the ‘DO NOT USE...’ sign.

A choice of different colour inserts provide the option of additional visual qualification.

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