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Are you faced with a growing number of samples? Your current methods to identify and track samples may have become inefficient and too time consuming, as they were never designed to deal with such volumes. By automating sample identification, laboratories that face large volumes of samples can free up a lot of time to reinvest in research.

Integrate with LIMS

To automate sample identification, dedicated sample label creation software needs to be integrated with the Laboratory Information Management System. This will enable lab professionals to easily transfer specific sample information already present in the LIMS, to a tiny sample label. Once set up, a few clicks should suffice to print the necessary identification labels when the samples arrive in the lab.

Use a dedicated sample label printer

Use a small, dedicated sample label printer such as the BBP™12 Label Printer to print sample labels on-site. The BBP12 can be plugged into a Windows® computer and uses researched inks that resist the chemicals used in staining processes for example, as well as the icy cold liquid nitrogen temperatures used in sample storage. A dedicated sample label printer can deliver the quality labels that keep samples identified throughout storage and processing.

Use specialised sample labels

Specialised sample labels are developed to keep their integrity and to stay attached when exposed to laboratory chemicals or extreme temperatures. To set up a fast, automated and qualitative sample identification process, specialised sample labels are as important as a dedicated sample label printer or a LIMS-integrated label creation software.

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5 Steps to Automated Sample Identification

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Avoid Sticky Situations – never lose a sample again!

Laboratory samples face a series of tough conditions. They are stored in freezers and liquid nitrogen, exposed to aggressive chemicals and their containers heated in hot water baths. 

Brady scientists developed sample identification labels to face these tough conditions. Download our new Sample Identification Guide Book below!

Brady Laboratory Labels

• Are easily printable on-site and on demand
• Can be formatted for and attached to any sample
• Stay attached throughout storage and sample processing
• Remain legible when exposed to chemicals  

Use a quality Brady Label Printer to maximise Laboratory Label durability. Every Lab Label can be created in  3 easy steps using LabelMark™ 6 Labelling Software!

Read more about our identification solutions in our Sample Identification Guide Book ‘Never lose a sample again’!

Lab ID Pocketbook

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