Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout

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  Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout

Accommodates a large variety of electrical plugs up to 89 mm diameter and 127 mm in length as well as male air hose connectors. The holes are designed to fit "necked down" pneumatic male fittings commonly attached to compressed air hoses. Suitable for 110V, 220V NS 550V plugs.

Specifications for Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout

Additional Information 4 padlocks can be applied.
Article No. 800126
Colour Red
Description Large Electrical/Pneumatic Lockout
Legend Language English
Material Type Polystyrene
Max. Shackle Diameter (mm) 7.00
Min. Shackle Clearance (mm) 20.00
Plug Diameter (mm) 89.00
Plug Length (mm) 127.00
Pricing - Current 28.24
Quantity 1
Risk Electrical Risk
Size - Depth (mm) 117.25
Size - Height (mm) 96.00
Size - Width (mm) 163.00
TDS Number LOTO32
Total Qty per Pack 1 Piece(s) / Pack

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