480-600V Breaker Lockout Kit*

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  480-600V Breaker Lockout Kit*

Safely lock out your oversized and irregularly shaped switches with our 480-600V Breaker Blocker Kit. The mounting rails are self-adhesive and are permanently installed onto an electrical panel - simply clean panel surface and adhere - no drilling required! Colour-coded blocking bars can be used to indicate if breaker is locked off (red) or on (green). * Each kit includes: 2 yellow mounting rails, 1 red blocking bar, 1 green blocking bar and 3 alcohol wipes.

Specifications for 480-600V Breaker Lockout Kit*

Additional Information Kit includes: 2 Yellow mounting rails, 1 red blocking bar, 1 green blocking bar and 3 alcohol wipes
Article No. 090891
Description 480-600V Breaker Lockout Kit*
Max. Shackle Diameter (mm) 6.5
Max. Switch Width (mm) 150.00
Min. Shackle Clearance (mm) 20.00
Pricing - Current 24.89
Quantity 1
Risk Electrical Risk
Size - Height (mm) 20.32
Size - Width (mm) 101.60
TDS Number LOTO44
Total Qty per Pack 1 Piece(s) / Pack

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